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A mutual aid and social justice organization that connects our community to the resources of our basic needs and improving the quality of life in Cambridge, MA and surrounding neighborhoods.

 Goree House

 A Place of Learning, Growth & Connectivity.

Sunday May 15th

Spring has arrived, bringing the heat and warming our garden beds. This year we're joining efforts w/ Filling in the Gaps, Fruitful Journey and Root & Barrow Farm to maintain this beautiful community space. We're prepping our beds, and planning ahead for a year w/ filled with food grown and shared by and for the community in a pantry and fridge. 

We were fortunate enough to pick-up free seedlings from the Cambridge Community Center, in coordination w/ Lovin' Spoonfuls donated from Land Sake Farm located in Weston MA. 

In one bed, we've planted two varieties of lettuce, ____ and ____. The next bed over hosts  a bunch of Tomato plants, Shallots, and Red Russian Kale. Varios pots contain Dill, Chard, Golden Beets, Purple Cabbage. We'll be spending the upcoming weeks securing the space in order to lock out unwanted pests.

Aside from the garden, we're planning and imagining other work. We're working to update the pantry and fridge space on the front porch. In the backyard, we're working to establish a shady area that will make a cool shared space during the summer heat. 

Check back for regular updates!

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