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Building Raised Beds

We teamed up in North Cambridge to help construct two 8x4 raised beds in a family driveway made with red cedar from a local lumber yard. We created a basket using mesh and landscape fabric at the bottom of our raised bed, with an inch layer of gravel to contain soil and promote drainage. Soil was donated, and amended with coconut coir, vermiculite, perlite, barks sticks, birch woody material, dead leaves, leaf mold, some city compost, and goat compost donated from Drumlin Farm.

For many this project was a way to get to meet new people, we got some exercise, had snacks in the backyard and on the back porch. One day a neighbor walked from a few houses over and invited everyone for more drinks, snacks, time to meet and connect. Our online meetings offered a great resource to communicate and help support the process of building the beds and then building good soil to fill the beds. The family plans to use these to grow even more food then they did last year. Video coming soon!

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