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Sign up to be a Fridge Parent for the Coast Community Fridge!

Sign up to be a fridge parent for the Coast Community Fridge @ 5 Callendar St., Cambridge, MA 02139.

Being a fridge parent means committing to bringing a staple or needed item to the fridge weekly. It can be as small or large as you are able and willing to make it!

We are piloting this so that we can ensure that fridge visitors can rely on a slightly more consistent fridge stock each week. We don’t want to regulate the fridge in any way but just want to make sure that folks who are looking to grab from the fridge can rely on the fridge to have what they might need or want.

Some suggestions:

  • Eggs (can be grocery-bought, your own chickens, your friend’s chickens, as long as the carton is labeled with expiration date)

  • Dairy and non-dairy milks

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Homemade meals (must be labeled with ingredients and expiration date)

  • Fruits (apples aren’t the only fruit!)

  • Berries, tropical fruits, Asian fruits

  • A specific spice

  • Herbs/onion-family members (scallions, leeks, chives, etc.)

  • Salt

  • Cooking oils

  • Baking leavenings

  • Period products

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